Haras de Padua

¡Congratulations to Haras de Padua for the recent acquisition of:

Semou Al Almirah ” (Nabil Kahiil & Tansy Kwaite) Straight Egyptian Black Mare that already gave birth to a Black Colt also Straight Egyptian HP Antar Al Tzar ( Antar Al Majeed & Semou Al Almirah)

_DSC0875 ps

Baltazar shares with me and amazing passion about Arabian Horses and he is a truly Arabian Horse lover!

Stallion: Admiratio AV

Mares: SliceofSpice , C Precious, Exquisite WA & Semou Al Amirah

Haras de Padua is growing actually a chestnut filly HP Izara  (Admiratio AV & C Precious) 

Other sold Arabians: Rockets JackRabbit, Maliks Spice, HDP Tiffany, Black Star & Jolie Amy

Haras de Padua


_DSC0799 ps_DSC0891 ps_DSC0643 ps_DSC0887 ps_DSC1046 ps_DSC0980 ps a_DSC0872 ps_DSC1070 ps_DSC1191 ps_DSC0845 ps_DSC0936 ps_DSC1150 ps_DSC1025 ps_DSC0865 ps_DSC0820 ps_DSC0980 ps


_DSC2230 ps tp ab_DSC2407 ps tp a_DSC1830 ps tp a_DSC2347 a ps tp a_DSC1794 ps tp a_DSC1856 ps tp a_DSC1746 ps tp cp a_DSC2025 ps tp_DSC0062 ps1 b_DSC4022 ps a_DSC9914 ps a_DSC4133 ps a _DSC4151 ps a _DSC4525 ps Filter A_DSC4095-Edit-Edit aMALIK 100% EGYPTIAN_DSC0038 PS aASlice of Spice & Malik´s FoalMalikRabittMalikRabitt _DSC0013-Edit-Edit_DSC3795-Edit AMalik _DSC9569 PS aMalik_DSC9675 PS aMalikSlice of Spice_DSC9694 a PS aHDC AL MALIK Malik Foal_DSC9926 a PS b_DSC9727 PS a

Contact: b.padua@live.com.mx

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