He is a marvelous horse, pure breed Arabian, mainly Egyptian bloodline.
Our first Arabian, our first horse, our first love, that created an incredible relationship and experience for the family.

“Taturk” inspire us to start our journey on a magic adventure about Arabian Horse breeding

Taturk [ Abenamar & Moraima ]

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_DSC1269 ps tp a_DSC0195 ps tp a-1_dsc1266-ps-tp-a_dsc1370-ps-tp-1-a_dsc0505-ps-bimg_2035_dsc0492-ps-aDSCN2905 ps A_DSC1017 ps 1 a_dsc0243-aa_DSC1258 ps b _DSC1203 ps a_DSC1273-2 a ps aDSCN2884 ps a_DSC9357 a ps a_DSC2436 ps a_DSC3102 ps A_DSC1912 PS a_DSC1981 ps a_DSC2606 ps a-Edit-Edit-2 B_DSC3800 A A20151010_112312Beauty FaceTATURK_DSC3271 PS ATaturk_DSC1917 ps ATaturk - Face TaturkMutual LoveTaturk _DSC1472 aRiding TaturkBest FriendsTaturk & Ivanna_DSC3334-Edit-3-Edit-2_DSC4337 A_DSC1966-Edit A PS _DSC0924 ps-2-Edit ATaturk & meTaturkVery HandsomTaturk & Ivanna Taturk aware Riding Taturk Arabian - Taturk Taturk

Taturk Pedigree

Taturk extended pedigree with pictures (Click Here)

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