Pure breed Arabian mare, 8 years old …….

She owns a great pedigree; with Polish, Russian, Egyptian, Spanish & Domestic lines coming from a very recognized sires & dams ( Bask, Aswan, Arax, Amerigo, Nabiel, Estopa, Padron, Kilika, Khemosabi, Bay Shah, El Shaklan, Benraz, Sanadik El Shaklan, Padrons Psyche, OM El Shareikh )

La Academia Samah [ StandOut DD & MFA Springtyme ]

_DSC0365 ps_DSC0378 ps_DSC0261 ps_DSC8339 NC2-1_DSC8424 ps_DSC8394 ps tp_DSC7636 ps tp_DSC7258 ps tp_DSC7194 ps tp_DSC3451 ps tp a - copia_DSC4086 ps tp20171008_120234 ps tp 2_DSC3882 ps tp20171008_130352 ps tp_DSC4837 ps tp_DSC3315 ps tp-2_DSC3790 ps tp 2_DSC3334 ps tp 1 a 1_DSC3219 ps tp 2_DSC3449 ps tp aa_DSC6914 ps tp a_DSC6088 ps tp a_DSC3879 ps tp-2_dsc6044-ps-tp-ab_dsc6097-ps-tp-a_dsc1234-ps-tp-2-b-ps_dsc1220-ps-tp-a_dsc0101-ps-a-ps-a_dsc0333-a-ps-tp-a-ps_DSC2920 a ps_dsc2953-ps-abcd_dsc2903-ps-b-ps_dsc3076-a-ps-a_dsc2834-ps-ac_DSC3091 ps_DSC2334 a ps a_DSC1654 ps a_DSC1673 ps b ps_dsc2131-ps-b_DSC2256 ps b_DSC9090 ps b_DSC1348-Edit-Edit_DSC9063 ps a_DSC9121 a ps a_DSC9085 ps b_DSC8935 a ps b_DSC4829 ps a_DSC4767 ps a_DSC8008 ps a_DSC0248 ps a_DSC2105 ps b ASamahLa Academia Samah_DSC0886 ps ASamah_DSC2099 PS 1-Edit-2 a_DSC2104-Edit-Edit-2 PS bLa Academia SamahSamahLa Academia SamahFree run_DSC0853 a PS A_DSC2099 PS A_DSC1768 A A_DSC1866 A_DSC1761 A_DSC1300 a-Edit_DSC2091 PS a-Edit-2 c PSSamahSamahSamahBeauty_DSC9058 ps a

Pedigree Samah mas generaciones

Samah extended Pedigree with pictures (Click here)


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